The Class

This class focuses on building pole dance routines on and off the pole, using transitions, sequences and pole flair to create graceful, stunning pole performances.

We believe it’s important to learn not only pole tricks, but how to create flowing movement. This class will help you learn how to express yourself through the art of pole dance.

You will learn pole flow, floorwork, transitions and more by learning a fully choreographed pole dance routine over 4 weeks.

Learn exotic pole dance, contemporary movement, chair dance and more. A brilliant way to take your pole training to the next level. 

Note – You must have completed beginners pole level before joining this class.

Heels are recommended.



Only £6 per class or £20 per block of 4 classes.


All Classes are held at our studio Suite 322b, The Pentagon Centre, 36 Washington Street, Glasgow, G3 8AZ – next to the Hallmark and Marriot hotels, and 2 minutes walk from Anderson train station. Class!

What should I wear to class?

You NEED to have bare legs and arms to grip the pole, so shorts and a short sleeved top or t-shirt is ideal. Leggings or jogging bottoms will have you sliding all over the place. You can go bare foot or heels. Heels really work your calf muscles out so there is a benefit to wearing them in class. No jewellery permitted in class!


Pay As You Go Students:
Must cancel/reschedule with a min notice of 24 hours. No refunds can be given if cancellations are made on the day. No exceptions.

Block Booker Students: Must cancel/reschedule with a min notice of 24 hours. Customer will lose a class from their block if they cancel on the day. We can happily reschedule any classes to another night that week as long as the notice period is given.


  • Full cardio workout
  • Become a confident dancer
  • Learn how to link pole tricks together
  • Learn how to dance in heels & express yourself through movement
  • Learn a new routine every 4 weeks to different styles of music
  • Ideal for those wanting to have a bit of fun or for show prep.
  • Fun class, no judgement

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