“Right from the word go I was totally in love with pole, I was in awe of my instructor, who rocked the pole in her sky high heels and tiny outfit. She was so toned, graceful and fluid on the pole and I immediately wanted to be like that one day.”

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“I decided to give Pole Classes at Twirl n Tone a go to boost my confidence. I’m happy to say it’s one of the best decisions I’ve made.

In my first class I realised that Pole Fitness was a lot harder than I’d thought but I was determined I wanted to be better.”

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I have heard many say that the classes are motivational for losing weight and toning the body. Students may walk in unsure of their abilities and say “I can’t do that…”.

I encourage them to add to it “…yet.” and say that they will get there.

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“Pole can be challenging but for me, the feeling of achieving a move in class is second to none. Since I started with Twirl n Tone I have had so many amazing experiences, from attending workshops with various Pole stars to performing in the Twirl n Tone showcases and I have loved every minute!

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“It is amazing for me as an instructor to watch the progression in people from their 1st class and to help them achieve those moves they never thought they could!”

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“As an instructor, it is always my aim to pass on skills and knowledge of the art and to help those who are struggling with those nemesis moves.

There is nothing better than to see someone achieve under your instruction and I have to say I love this role.”

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“Outside the pole studio, I’m in the photography studio as a full-time photographer and digital artist which is my passion. Now being a pole instructor I have both my dream jobs!”

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